Insuring Your Spouse

Having term or whole life insurance coverage for both marital partners is an important issue not too many people think about. This is especially important if the main income provider is one spouse. This is an option you should consider for the financial safety of your spouse and family. The information below will bring up issues you may or may not have thought about.

Spouse Coverage

Spouse coverage is great coverage for dual-income families because it helps make sure your family’s lifestyle is protected against the loss of one wage-earner. Also, two policies will allow you to leave behind twice as much money. It also makes sense for those couples who want their children to enjoy a more substantial inheritance. (For more information, click here).

Same Term or Whole Life Insurance Coverage?

Do both spouses need the same amount of coverage? Most spouses tend to select the same amount and type of coverage as their spouse. This is not a required option. Your spouse may apply for the same plan with a different benefit, or an entirely different plan altogether.

Next Step!

As you can see, spouse coverage can be an easy and effective way to increase your family’s overall financial protection.

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