Estate Planning List of Dos!

  1. Apply for online whole life insurance quotes to protect your family in the event of your death.
  2. Prepare a will. Otherwise your assets will end up on probate.
  3. Revise your will periodically because your family’s financial needs will change over time. (For more info, click here).
  4. Whole life insurance quotes policy coverage should exceed your debt, otherwise, your assets, like your home, will be sold to pay your debts.
  5. Plan for debts that are often overlooked, such as taxes or childrens’ education.
  6. Plan with emergencies and financial changes in mind.
  7. If you have a business, consider planning for its disposal or having a beneficiary take it over.
  8. Remember to take into consideration other assets like social security payments, stocks, bonds, and retirement funds that may be lost.
  9. Determine your spouse’s needs for retirement.
  10. Proper planning and periodic reviews can help eliminate most common estate planning pitfalls.

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