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Standard/Whole Life Insurance Policy Types

Whole life insurance and standard life insurance can help with the many things you cannot plan for in your lifetime, such as accidents, illnesses, or sudden death. Usually these are at the part of life we least like to think about! In turn, these are the least prepared for! All of the above could drastically affect the financial well being of your family.

The below areas will answer some of your questions and help you decide which whole life insurance or standard life insurance policy best suits your needs.
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Term Life Insurance
Insurance that provides protection for a specified period of time.
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  Whole Life Insurance (Permanent)  
  This policy is also known as your main type of "life" policy.
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  On most of the life insurance policies, "riders" are available at an additional cost. They provide extra "bonuses" to your standard policy.
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So safeguard your family's financial security! Get your FREE whole life insurance quote or standard life insurance quote TODAY! (For the online form, click here). Use our online life insurance form and you will receive a response within one to two days from a licensed insurance professional in your area. (For our online form, click here).